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Sabine Yousefy loves fashion, style and beauty. Sabine is in the business for a very long time. Starting in 2007 and for more than a decade she and her team managed the Yousefy store in the center of Munich, just opposite the Bayerischer Hof, the pre-eminent hotel in Munich.

In 2018, we decided to follow new routes and to  invite our customers to a private loft to get toghether in a private atmosphere. 

We offer you a good time among interesting and nice people which fancy fashion, good life and dare to be different.

Our aim is to make you feel good and beautiful. During our Yousefy Fashion Privés you can also discover the difference of a really good haircut from Armano from Milan that makes the most of your personality.

Interested? Then get in touch to make sure you get an invite!

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